This Whistler dispensary has all the medical marijuana you’re looking for

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Are you planning on traveling to Squamish, Whistler or the Vancouver area with your medical cannabis? We have some tips to make travelling with medical cannabis a little more hassle free, so you can relax and enjoy your vacation without worrying about your marijuana supply.

whistler dispensary,dispensary whistler,marijuana dispensary whistlerKnow the rules before you pack and go
Canadian law states that as an official patient you can only travel within Canada with your medical cannabis. This means that if you try and cross into the US or any other country with your medical cannabis supply that you are subject to that country’s laws and regulations and could face severe legal repercussions from their government.

whistler medical marijuana,whistler dispensaries,squamish dispensaryFlying high
If you are flying to and from your Canadian destination make sure you make some calls ahead of your trip. As of recently, you are allowed to travel by air with your medical cannabis, but you will want to be prepared for some extra scrutiny. Keep your cannabis and prescription out of your packed luggage and place it, (in its original packaging) in your carry on bag for closer examination. You will also want to ensure that you allow yourself extra time to get through security and whatever you do, don’t leave it to chance. Inform the security agents that you are traveling with medical cannabis and request a private screening when you arrive. Being prepared will ensure you get where you’re going with your sanity and supply in tact.

dispensary squamish,marijuana dispensary squamish,squamish medical marijuanaCarry the right papers
Whether you choose to fly or drive to your destination one thing’s for sure; you will need the right papers – and we don’t mean these. Have a copy of your prescription on hand and any medical license cards and keep them on you at all times you have cannabis in your possession. This will ensure that if you get caught in the wrong place at the wrong time, you can easily prove your validity.

whistler dispensary,dispensary whistler,marijuana dispensary whistler

Pack light
Whether you’ve going for 1 week or 2 months keep in mind that you can only travel with a maximum of 30 days supply. Do not bring more medical cannabis even if you are staying for longer than 30 days.

whistler medical marijuana,whistler dispensaries,squamish dispensaryBe polite
Since your Canadian, being polite is likely second nature, but remember your manners when it comes to where you consume your medical cannabis. You will not be allowed to smoke or vape in an airport or on the plane, so remember to take your medication before you leave the parking lot. You’ll also want to pay close attention to where you can smoke once you arrive at your destination.

If you’re on your way to Whistler for a weekend away and you’ve accidentally forgot your cannabis derived medication at home, then make a quick stop at Grassroots.

Grassroots Medical Marijuana Dispensary is conveniently located off the sea to sky highway and stocks all the most popular cannabis flower strains, edibles, topicals, accessories, gear and more to make your ski or snowboard trip a total success.

Our friendly staff is made up of highly educated crafters and cultivators who are knowledgeable experts on all topics medical cannabis. We are also open 7 days a week from 11am-8pm. Our Whistler budtenders are committed to your privacy, discretion and expediency, so stop in if you need to top up for your trip.

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