THC : 17.04%
CBD : 0.073%

Very uplifting and upbeat. Great for socializing and accomplishing some creative projects.

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Tasting of mango and pineapple jellybeans, Jillybean is an Indica-dominant hybrid. It’s a cross of  Space Queen and Orange Skunk, which came from a grower named Jill. It exhibits very pleasant cerebral effects, while still retaining some bodily effects.

Initially, users feel a pleasant rush of euphoria that fills them with energy and lifts their moods. This is accompanied by a very mild, soothing body high. The strain’s potent cerebral effects from its Sativa lineage can stimulate giddiness and giggles

Jillybean is suitable for use any time of day. Its mood-elevating and energizing effects are helpful in dealing with stress, anxiety, and depression. This strain can ease aches and pains, such as menstrual cramps/pain, but not severe pain. Some patients also use it to relieve migraines or insomnia.

17.04% THC, 0.073% CBD

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