West Coast Sour Diesel Flower


Invigorating. Fast acting. Energizing. Very enjoyable drown-like cerebral effects.

THC : 14.63%
CBD : 0.14%
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West Coast Sour Diesel buds are typically dark green, with threaded hairs that lean more brown than orange. Mature buds have a hardness and a density that become more prominent when cured. Trichome production is high, with sticky crystals coating the surface. The trademark gasoline smell of this strain takes center stage, with some sharp, lingering chemical notes. Not a subtle or nuanced hybrid by any means, West Coast Diesel also has a powerfully skunky diesel taste and acrid smoke that hits the back of your palate.

West Coast Sour Diesel will have you buzzing before you’ve finished coughing. An energetic, uplifting high comes on quickly with little to no body-stone. Increased focus and clarity may help in the treatment of attention deficit disorders. Newcomers should be wary off the potential for paranoia, as the potent high can turn into introspective anxiety. West Coast Sour Diesel is recommended for recreational daytime use.

14.63% THC, 0.14% CBD

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